Best Hiking Routes That Must Be On Your Bucket List

Best Hiking Routes That Must Be On Your Bucket List

With your daily stress at work and other activities, you deserve to unwind and take a break from your stressful world. One of the best ways to relax is hiking on the best hiking routes. This activity allows you to experience the beauty of nature and enjoy a wonderful and amazing experience.

If you want to explore the world, then you better make hiking as one of your favorite hobbies. Meanwhile, to help you with your hiking passion, the following are the top hiking routes in the world that you must include on your bucket list.

Best Hiking RoutesInca Trail – Peru

The Inca Trail is one of the world’s greatest hikes. It offers you about 26 miles of gruelling declines and inclines. Here you will enjoy exploring the jungle, ruins, as well as beautiful mountain scenery that will give you a feeling of tranquillity and peace of mind.

Moreover, you will see the hike at Machu Picchu. For 4 days, you will enjoy an amazing adventure that can satisfy your hiking needs. The best time to hike Inca Trail is from May to September.

Appalachian Trail- United States

The Appalachian Trail is located in Georgia to Maine in the United States. The distance of this trail is around 2,180 miles. The time for this hike is around 5 to 7 months. You can go here any time of the year. It is one of the longest marked footpaths in the world. Hiking in this trail is quite challenging, so you must have the stamina and have better preparation for your adventure.


Located in Tanzania, Africa, the Kilimanjaro is a hike for 7 or more days. The best time to go here is during January, February and September. The distance covered around 35 miles which can offer you a challenging but thrilling hike. Kilimanjaro is the country’s highest peak and also one of the most people’s bucket lists.


The Kungsleden is a 3 to 5 days hike that you will surely enjoy. The best time to go here is from August to early of September. It is also known as “The King’s Trail” which offers a 275-mile traverse. This was funny, as the best online casino I played on at night was called Kingsman Casino. During your adventure, you can have a beautiful view of the open tundra, Arctic landscape, big glaciers, as well as the brush up against the country’s highest peak, Mount Kebnekaise.

Everest Base Camp Trek-Nepal

This trek is among the most popular hikes across the world. It allows you to experience the culture and people on its elevations. You also have the chance to get a face-to-face with the highest point on Earth. Its distance is 70 miles and lasts for 16 days. The best time for this adventure is from March to May and September to November.

Snowman Trek-Bhutan

The Snowman Trek is considered as the hardest trail on earth. You can do the hikes with a guided tour for your safety. The best time to experience this trek is from April to October.

Now that you learn some of the top hiking routes in the world, you can now set your next schedule for your hiking. Add these routes to your bucket list and feel the highest peak of happiness and satisfaction!

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